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What Is Legal Web India?

Laws were created to protect and empower us—as individuals, families and business owners—but many people don't get the help they need because of costly legal fees and complexity. At Legal Web India, we want to change things by making legal services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before.

Legal Web India was formed to make legal help and assistance available to everyone in need. We are a platform that connects people searching for lawyers with the top class lawyers categorized based upon their location and area of law. We combine free legal documents and free legal information with access to affordable representation by legal professionals.

We believe that more information helps you make better decisions. Legal Web India, we provide you with detailed information on lawyers and legal issues so that you can make the choices that are right for you.


Our Online Services

  • Ask A Question

This is a free service in which a user can submit her legal question to Legal Web India. The question automatically gets circulated among all the lawyers present on the online platform. Any lawyer may chose to answer the question. The original user gets notification whenever her question is answered.

  • Lawyers Directory

All the lawyers registered with the Legal Web India platform are displayed category wise as per their location and area of law. A registered user can get contact details of any lawyer free of cost.

  • Drafts and Formats

In this section different legal formats and documents are arranged as per subject and user can freely download any of these documents. This is a free service and user can use it as per their legal needs.

  • Talk to a lawyer:

 An user can send request for this service by submitting a simple form online. An expert lawyer from the platform will call the user to discuss the legal issue and to provide the legal guidance. 

  • Send / Reply to legal notice

Users can avail this service if they wish to send legal notice to opposite party. They can also reply to a legal notice which they have already received by using this service. User needs to submit online form to avail this service. An expert lawyer then contacts the user to discuss the matter in details and then a legal notice/reply to the notice is prepared and sent to opposite party.

  • Registration Services

Any user who wishes to do registration of either intellectual property or company registration can avail this service. The cost of availing this service are decided as per the type of registration and a customized quote specific to each registration service is sent to the user after analyzing the requirement.