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Going through a traditional divorce and fighting it out in court is costly – in terms of money & time – but with Legal Web India, you can mediate and quickly have your separation agreement and divorce filing completed.

There are two things in divorce – money and children – and we will work with you to protect both. We are committed to our cornerstones: Reducing Time, Cost, and Stress, plus Protecting your children to lay the foundation for new beginnings.

Before you call a lawyer & start down a path of no return, call us! We provide detailed legal education, parenting plans, financial expertise, business & pension valuations and ensure you get independent legal advice. All of this without the high costs.

Filing for Divorce vs. Separation Agreement
What is a Separation Agreement?
A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement signed between the two spouses which contains all the decisions that were made. The contract sets out each party’s issues and rights with regards to child and spousal support, custody, and access, property and debts.

What does it mean to file for Divorce?
Once you have entered into a separation agreement that captures all the terms of your settlement then you can file for divorce (assuming you meet the time requirement). The divorce judgement terms will reflect the same terms in your agreement. 

What is the difference between a Contested Divorce and an Uncontested Divorce?
Uncontested Divorce
Contested Divorce Costs in India
After the Separation Agreement has been signed or if the issues are straightforward, not requiring an agreement, and both parties agree that they want a divorce, then it is regarded as uncontested (Desk Divorce). In this case, the parties file together. The provincial governments set out the rules for the Family Court processes. This joint divorce is much less expensive and time-consuming than a contested divorce and can either be done by way of “Do-it-yourself kits” or by hiring a paralegal or one lawyer to do the filing. In order to qualify for an uncontested divorce, there must be no outstanding unresolved issues with regards to the children. These divorces need only one application and therefore can use the same lawyer, paralegal or another service to file.Loading...

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